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Finally the book is here. Sleep Bear is the first book Written and Illustrated by Chris Dorning, and The Cunning Craftsman’s first publication.

Sleep Bear is a Primary Level Illustrated story book, aimed at 4yrs and up telling the short story of a small boy going to bed on the back of a bear.

A father and son tale (or parent and child) that focus’ on a small moment in time that get’s played out in the boys mind, of a long intrepid journey to the realm of sleep with his trusted companion Sleep Bear (in this case…Dad!)

It can become all to easy for this kind of every day routine to become a rushed or over looked “job” for a parent, but I wanted to make sure that, whilst I could, i’d let my son know just how much I valued his time as I hoped he enjoyed mine…making this 30 second journey up the stairs last for what might feel like hours, creating and over coming dangers, imagining new surroundings and ultimately making him feel safe and loved!

I hope all parents can relate to this and share with there own kids..creating a macrocosm of feelings and ideas with in a microcosm of time and routine.

ISBN: 978-1-9164924-0-0

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