If you are looking for something special and unique for yourself or as a gift then why not look at commissioning a piece of original art work. I can work to all manner or brief weather it be a portrait of someone (loved one / friend etc) or something (pet…. treasured item) or even a landscape of a favoured place! Realistic or surreal, in pencil, ink or paint.. the options are endless!

All commission based work starts around the same price at £250 per day.. but please keep in mind that some jobs do and will be longer or shorter than others. When commissions take longer than a few days, going into weeks or even months then the cost is obviously tailored to suit. We would discuss this on the phone, in person or online until you are happy with the quote!

So now you know, please get in touch!

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 15.58.46.png

For portraits and pets etc, you can ask for any median you want, it depends on the aesthetic you want. I love a good pencil portrait my self. Make sure the image you want me to work from has some good tones in there, some nice light and shadow to work with…

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 15.54.59.png

Creating an inked and coloured illustration is a real fun way of creating something unique.. If your feeling brave just give me a list of items / feelings or things you want me to include.. the size you want and away ago. Again, you help more the more information you give..or as little!

The large painting commission, this could once again be a portrait, landscape..anything. If there are examples you want me to look at, I am more than happy to do so, but I will always endeavour to produce something unique. Bravery is key to as I can produce some pretty “out there” stuff.