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It has been a long time coming and a hidden goal of Chris Dorning, owner of The Cunning Craftsman, to start creating illustrated Books for all ages, offering a wide variety of strange, interesting, surreal and fun narrative to all who search for it. The Cunning Craftsman has now become a Publisher on the side and is very proud to release it’s first Book, “Sleep Bear”.. A book about Bed time, aimed at Primary Level.. Please visit the shop to find out how to pre order the Book and learn more.. Thank you

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Sleep bEAR

Written and Illustrated by Chris Dorning, Sleep Bear is the first book that the Cunning Craftsman will be Publishing.

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TCC Press

From here on in, the stack of stories that Chris has created over the years will start to become a physical reality .. Look out for the logo above on all our Published content from now on..

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The Cunning Craftsman will also be releasing small stories and comics in various formats, be it News Paper Print or small comics. Keep an eye out for these as they will be in small runs and land at random.