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the cunning craftsman


Created and Owned by Chris Dorning BA (hons) Illustration.

Hello there, My name is Chris Dorning and welcome to The Cunning Craftsman. I like to think of the The Cunning Craftsman as a ship that is always on the move, on a ever changing sea, the sea being the endless possibilities of creativity and the work it might provide. The duties aboard this ship are listed below:

Illustration - Mural Painting - Traditional Sign Painting - Concept Art and Story Boarding -  Creative Workshops - Fine Art - Pencil Drawing - Sculpture - Comic Art - Prop & Theatre Design - Graphic Design - Comic Cover Art - Cell Animation / Animatics - Publishing - Sculpture - Character Illustration etc

If your looking for creative and artistic solutions for your self or business, no matter how small or big, please get in touch and lets see how we can work together! Thanks - 07903361895